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Dental Care

Dental Care

We know that regular dental checkups are important for people–but they’re actually very important for our furry friends too! Our Lakeland, FL veterinarian at Saddle Creek Veterinary Hospital will help make sure that your pets’ teeth are squeaky clean, improving their health and possibly even their longevity.

Why is pet dental health important?

Our pets use their mouths to eat, to groom themselves, and to vocalize. When their mouths are in trouble, all of these processes can suffer. Often, animal dental problems go ignored due to the simple fact that our pets manage to adapt to their pain or discomfort. It’s important to get pet dental checkups regularly by a veterinarian at Saddle Creek Veterinary Hospital so that you can both exercise preventative care and take care of any problems early on.

Dental Screening

Your veterinarian at Saddle Creek Veterinary Hospital will check for many of the same issues that your vet checks for at your dental checkups, including broken teeth, jaw misalignment, plaque buildup, infected teeth, periodontal disease, cysts in the mouth, and bite alignment. If your pet has never had a dental exam, it’s important to schedule one so that your veterinarian can check for the above issues.

Does my pet need a dental cleaning?

Even if you brush your pet’s teeth, it’s important that they have a regular cleaning or “scaling” to remove plaque and tartar, especially under the gumline where most dental disease begins.

While we know pets tend to have less than fresh breath, it’s likely that your animal’s stinky mouth is caused by a buildup of plaque, which can be removed with a pet dental cleaning. Over time, that plaque hardens into tartar. Tartar that makes its way below your pet’s gum line can set them up for periodontal disease and infection. It’s easier to take care of plaque before it transforms into tartar.

If your pet has bad breath, or you notice that he or she is constantly chewing on one side, you can see broken teeth, bleeding on toys or they become “mouth-shy”, it’s important to schedule a pet dental appointment as soon as possible.

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Your veterinarian at Saddle Creek Veterinary Hospital will do an initial exam of your pet’s mouth to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed, or if a simple general cleaning is good option. Your vet will also provide you with an estimate for your pet dental treatment before the procedure. Our Lakeland, FL veterinarian at Saddle Creek Veterinary Hospital will have your pet’s teeth sparkling in no time. Call us today to set up your appointment at (863) 665-5033.